Apple Offers Free Color DNA Tests to Employees


Apple is partnering with Color Genomics to offer free DNA testing to its employees. These will be genetic screenings for diseases (via CNBC).

Genetic Testing

Apple has health clinics called AC Wellness near its headquarters for employees and their dependents. The clinics will be going from preventative, reactive care to more proactive care.

By offering cutting-edge medical treatments like genetic testing, AC Wellness can help Apple recruit and retain talented employees. In addition, although AC Wellness is technically a separate company from Apple, medical experts have speculated that it could help Apple quietly test new products or ideas without risking leaks. So the group’s partnership with Color could indicate Apple’s broader interest in the space.

The types of DNA testing that Color is known for include gene mutations known to be associated with cancer and cardiovascular disease. But it doesn’t sell its tests directly to consumers, instead working with companies like Apple and Jefferson Health for employees.

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