Apple Podcasts Come to Alexa Devices

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Apple Podcasts are now going to be available on Amazon Echo devices. Users in the U.S. will be able to access over 800,000 podcasts by asking Alexa.

Alexa, Play Apple Podcasts

Users can set Apple Podcasts as their default podcast provider in the Alexa app. Shows can be accessed and controlled via simple commands such as Alexa:

  • Play [podcast title] on Apple Podcasts
  • Play [podcast title] from yesterday on Apple Podcasts
  • Resume playing [podcast title] on Apple Podcasts
  • Fast forward 30 seconds
  • Next episode

Spotify is also making its podcast content available via Amazon’s voice assistant. Users could previously Spotify music via their Echo devices, but their increasing library of podcasts will now be available too. Voice commands will work in a similar manner to Apple Podcasts. The feature is available to both free and paying Spotify users.

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