Apple Highlights How Enterprises Can Leverage Apple Vision Pro At Work

Apple Vision Pro

Apple showcased Vision Pro’s business applications, including individualized work areas, teamwork on 3D drawings, customized staff training, and remote supervision of fieldwork.

In a spatial computing context, Apple described how the Vision Pro may improve company efficiency through integration with popular apps like Microsoft 365 and SAP Analytics Cloud.

SAP Analytics Cloud, for instance, on the Vision Pro, enables customers to work with their data in three dimensions, providing insights that were not possible with a two-dimensional, flat interface.

Similarly, Apple tailored Microsoft 365 apps for the headset, offering users a distinctive, peaceful workspace that uses spatial computing’s limitless canvas to facilitate teamwork and multitasking.

Thanks to Vision Pro’s high-resolution monitors and computing power, businesses can achieve a great degree of accuracy and detail in the production and manipulation of digital twins of products, facilities, and processes.

This has important ramifications for sectors such as automotive engineering, where real-time data processing and decision-making are essential. As an example of this, Apple cited its collaboration with Porsche to develop the Porsche Race Engineer app.

Apple Highlights Vision Pro For Business in Training and Simulation

Another area where Vision Pro could significantly impact is training and simulation. Businesses like KLM Royal Dutch Airlines can improve offline equipment operations by offering realistic, immersive training experiences without the need for expensive physical prototypes or putting equipment offline for training.

For example, the Engine Shop app streamlines the training process. It lowers the chance of errors by letting KLM technicians practice on engine models in their own area and with full authenticity. 

Similarly, Resolve’s software for building engineers improves the way maintenance work is planned and carried out by superimposing intricate schematics and three-dimensional models in the real environment.

Apple has introduced several developer resources, such as the Enterprise Spatial Design Lab, and relationships with top companies like Deloitte, Lowes, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Porsche, and many more to promote the development and integration of Vision Pro in corporate operations.


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