New iPads May Likely Be Released via Press Release, Instead of Event

2024 iPad Pro and iPad Air may finally Debut in the Second Week of May

Apple’s upcoming iPad Air and iPad Pro models have been consistently delayed, with the latest reports from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggesting that they might finally be launched during the second week of May.

In addition, a new report has surfaced from Taiwanese publication DigiTimes which suggests that Apple is unlikely to hold an event for the upcoming iPad models, and the company will instead release them via a press release.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise because the latest Apple M3 MacBook Air was also announced via a press release. Most importantly, it also corroborates previous reports by Gurman, again, who had suggested back in March that Apple’s next iPad launch will be via a press release, instead of a traditional event.

He also mentioned that the delay in the release of the new iPads stems from mainly two reasons: the company’s ongoing refinement of iPadOS for the upcoming models, as well as the production delays throwing a wrench in the works.

Should Apple skip holding the iPad launch event, there will be no spring event this year, typically slated between mid-March and early April, that often becomes a show for new MacBooks and new iPads, but the former has already hit the shelves.

For now, the new iPads are expected between the second week of May, i.e. May 6 to May 10, unless Apple decides to launch new products on weekends for the first time.

That said, two iPad Pro models and two iPad Air models are expected to debut, along with Apple Pencil with a new squeeze feature and maybe a new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro. And if you’ve been waiting for iPad Mini or standard iPad’s next iteration, they are less likely to debut before later this year which may coincide with the launch of a new AirPods Max and a new AirPods Lite.


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