Apple Hires Netflix Engineer Ruslan Meshenberg

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Apple has hired Netflix engineer Ruslan Meshenberg, an important employee who helped build the platform and made it fast and stable (via Wall Street Journal).

Apple TV+

Apple is putting more focus on the cloud through its services business, and people like Mr. Meshenberg can help the company improve its network. Last year Apple made another services-related hire with Michael Abbott, a former Twitter engineer.

Though Apple TV+ hasn’t had serious issues since its launch, Mr. Meshenberg has the experience to help Apple address technical challenges. At Netflix, he ran much of the infrastructure that guaranteed television shows and movies played reliably, even as the company expanded to more than 50 countries and streaming increased to more than one billion hours of programming weekly.

His work may not be limited to just Apple TV+ though; he will likely be improving Apple’s infrastructure that powers all or most of its cloud services.

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