Apple Releases iOS 15 Public Beta 5, Omitting Certain Information

iOS 15 public beta 5

On Wednesday Apple released iOS | iPadOS 15 public beta 5 for testers. It includes a host of bug fixes and improvements, as well as new information pop-ups for certain apps. This release comes a day after Apple released the latest developer beta.

iOS 15 Public Beta 5

As always, to download the beta profile you can sign up on Apple’s website. You can find our list of supported devices here, and read some of the new features below and in our article here.

If you are a beta tester you can find the over-the-air update in Settings > General > Software Update. Here are some of the noticeable changes:

  • The Weather icon has been slightly changed. You’ll see the sun + cloud graphic has been reversed, and the gradient of light blue to dark blue has been deepened.
  • You’ll see new introductory pop-ups for Photos, Home, and Maps.
  • Beat 4 introduced a message that appears when you power off the device that says “iPhone Findable After Power Off. Beta 5 makes this message “tappable.”
  • If you run TestFlight versions of apps you’ll see new indicators in the App Store for your beta apps.

In my headline I mentioned “omitting information.” I noticed that in the new welcome screen for Photos it makes no mention of the localized, CSAM detection feature. In my opinion this should be mentioned given how controversial it is. Don’t make people read convoluted privacy policies; tell people up front.

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