WWDC 2021: New Features Coming to iOS 15

iOS 15 screenshots

Many new features are coming to iOS 15, and privacy is just part of the announcement. Here are some of the other cool things that Apple customers will accomplish with iOS 15.

iOS 15 Features

  • SharePlay: Users can now share experiences with SharePlay while connecting with friends on FaceTime, including listening to songs together with Apple Music, watching a TV show or movie in sync, or sharing their screen to view apps together.
  • FaceTime Spatial Audio: With spatial audio, voices in a FaceTime call sound as if they are coming from where the person is positioned on the screen,and new microphone modes separate the user’s voice from background noise.
  • FaceTime Portrait Mode: Portrait mode is now available for FaceTime and designed specifically for video calls, so users can blur their background and put themselves in focus.
  • FaceTime Links: FaceTime calls extend beyond Apple devices with the ability to create a link from iPhone, iPad, or Mac, and share it through Messages, Calendar, Mail, or third-party apps, so anyone can join a FaceTime call from their web browser on Android and Windows devices.
  • Focus: Focus is a new feature that filters notifications and apps based on what a user wants to focus on. Customers can set their device to help them be in the moment by creating a custom Focus or selecting a suggested Focus, which uses on-device intelligence to suggest which people and apps are allowed to notify them.
  • Notifications: Notifications have been redesigned, adding contact photos for people and larger icons for apps that make them even easier to identify. To help reduce distraction, a new notification summary collects non-time-critical notifications for delivery at a more opportune time.
  • Machine Learning: Live Text uses on-device intelligence to recognize text in a photo and allow users to take action. With Visual Look Up, users can learn more about popular art and landmarks around the world, plants and flowers found in nature, breeds of pets, and even find books. Spotlight now uses intelligence to search photos by location, people, scenes, or objects, and using Live Text, Spotlight can find text and handwriting in photos.
  • Safari: Safari gets a new design that makes controls easier to reach with one hand and puts content front and center. Tab Groups allow users to save tabs and easily access them at any time across iPhone, iPad, or Mac.
  • Apple Maps: Users will experience significantly enhanced details in cities for neighborhoods, commercial districts, and more. When navigating using iPhone or CarPlay, Maps features a three-dimensional city-driving experience with new road details.
  • Apple Wallet: Later this year, customers in participating states in the US will be able to add their driver’s license or state IDs to Wallet. The Transportation Security Administration is working to enable airport security checkpoints as the first place customers can use their digital Identity Card in Wallet.
  • Weather: Weather includes more graphical displays of weather data, full-screen maps, and dynamic layouts that change based on conditions.
  • Apple Notes: Notes adds user-created tags that make it easy to quickly categorize notes, and mentions allow members of shared notes to notify one another of important updates. An all-new Activity view shows the recent history of a shared note.

Developers can download the first iOS 15 beta today, and public betas will be available in July 2021.

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