Apple’s New Documentation Website Gives Easy Access to Product Information

Apple support app icon

There’s a new and much easier way to find information about any Apple product you might be curious about or already own. Apple just quietly launched a new “Documentation” website, which unifies many of its previous support pages as one.

Spotted by MacRumors, and Mac Otakara, this page is pretty straightforward and clean. Visit it, and you’ll see a visual representation of all current Apple products. There are icons for Mac, iPad, iPhone, Watch, and more. Click the icon, and you can select a product from a list. You’ll then see clickable links to Tech Specs, Documentation, User Guides, and product information. A search bar is also available, should you want to seek something more specific. Check it out below.

Essentially, the new website reduces the need to go hunting all over Apple’s support pages for documentation you might need. It also might help cut down the need to visit a third-party website, or Google to find information about your product. All in all, this is still pretty nice to see Apple centralize support pages, as it makes everyone’s lives easier.

While not related, Apple also launched a new web-based version of the visionOS app store last week. Apple is paying a lot of attention to surfacing more information about its products online.

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