iPhone and iPad Owners Most Likely to Switch to MacBook

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Those who are buying a new Mac for the first time already are in the gated walls of the Apple ecosystem and own an iPhone or an iPad. That’s according to a new study from the folks at the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) which examined sales data for Apple devices ending December of last year.

Per the data involved in the study, 80% of individuals who are buying a Mac machine for the first time already have some sort of iPhone. And, on the other side of things, 75% already own an iPad. A visual representation of the data is seen in the graph below.

Knowing that Apple products tend to play nice with each other, this data isn’t all too surprising. As painful as switching from a Windows machine or a Chromebook to a Mac might be, there are many great software features in iPadOS, and iOS, that might want people to buy a Mac. You can continue using certain apps from your iPhone or iPad right on a Mac through Continuity. You also can use an iPad as a second touch-capable screen for a MacBook with Sidecar and use the Apple Pencil with it. Not to forget, apps from an iPhone and an iPad are also available on Apple Silicon-powered Macs. Of course, the convenience of being able to use iMessage and FaceTime on a Mac are pretty good factors, too.

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