Pros and Cons of the new 2021 Apple M1 iMac

2021 M1 iMac

Tom Brant wrote a review of Apple’s new M1 iMac for PCMag, sharing some important pros and cons for people looking to buy the new product.

2021 M1 iMac

As one of the early reviews of the M1 iMac that I’ve seen, I think that Mr. Brant’s photos of the new device are gorgeous, and they show how the color changes depending on the lighting, while Apple’s official photos of it make it look more “pastel.” In the real world, it matches Apple’s marketing message of “This is the everyman computer you can place in any part of your home.”

This product update is a redesign of the iMac, although certain elements are familiar. The flatness of the iPad Pro and iPhone 12, the colors of the early iMacs, and the retro white bezel of other early Apple products. And, true to Apple, it’s thinner than previous models as advances in manufacturing mean they can pack more power into an ever-smaller space.

Alongside this new iMac, Apple released a special wireless keyboard that includes a button for Touch ID, and it matches the color of your new iMac. Mr. Brant also shared performance benchmark statistics and how it compares with other Apple products (hint: The iMac reigns at the top). It’s a good review to read for people interested in purchasing this product.

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