Apple Makes Redesign Available to All Users, Includes New Tile Feature


Apple has brought the new redesign out of beta, and it is now available to all users so long as they have an Apple ID.

The beta version of iCloud has been in testing since October.

Apple Launches Redesign for All Users

Seeing launch this week, Apple has now made the new redesign available to all users, so long as they have an Apple ID. Those that now login to the new iCloud will now see a variety of information regarding their iCloud account. With this new update, the largest feature would be the new Tiles, which provides quick access to a variety of content.

Additionally, the new main screen is also customizable. While users will likely see their iCloud account, photo library, and other information, users can now customize the main screen to add or reorganize the content displayed on the homepage.

Scrolling to the bottom, users simply need to click “Customize Home Page” in order to rearrange or add new Tiles. To add new Tiles, users simply need to click the “Add Tile” button at the top-left corner of the screen. Users can add Mail, Apple Drive, Notes, Numbers, Pages, Reminders, Calendar and more.

The new redesign allows users to easily customize their homepage.

More Options and Customization

Additionally, as spotted by AppleInsider, clicking on any of the icons for any of the app-Tiles will bring up the web version of the App. For example, if you have the Drive Tile, clicking on the name will bring up the web version of your iCloud Drive.

Users can also scroll to the bottom to check their iCloud plan, their storage availability, as well as find their Data Recovery options.

The new redesign does indeed look incredible, and seems overall more intuitive than previous generous of the web-based iCloud services. Additionally, the new redesign provides a wealth of information when compared to the previous version of iCloud. For those that may want to take a stroll down memory-lane, an article from PCMag can provide a refresher (via TheVerge).

Furthermore, back in October, Microsoft also announced iCloud integration alongside Windows 11 Photos. Microsoft also announced Apple Music and Apple TV apps will be available sometime in 2023.

Users can visit the new redesign at

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