Apple May Have Found a Supplier for Telephoto Lens of 2023 iPhones’ Periscope Camera System

iPhone periscope camera system

A South Korean firm may soon build new production lines for telephoto lens components that Apple will use for a periscope camera system in 2023 iPhones. One report says that Apple might have struck a deal with the firm. Once Apple approves the plant, production could begin next year.

Korean Firm Invests $155 Million for Production Line of Periscope Camera System

Korean media outlet The Elec reported that Apple may have struck a deal with South Korean company Jahwa Electronics. The South Korean firm will invest 191 billion won ($155 million) to build plants that will produce new optical image stabilization (OIS) actuators. These OIS actuators will become components of the periscope camera system of 2023 iPhones. Jahwa Electronics currently supplies OIS actuators for the Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones.

The news followed earlier reports by the media outlet that said Apple visited new facilities at Jahwa Electronics in the first half of 2021. The report said that Apple is likely to assess the new facilities to know if the production plant will be ready to produce OIS actuators for Apple. starting next year.

Apple Needs to Approve New Production Line Before Production Begins

Apple’s normal practice is to ask suppliers to build specific production lines to produce Apple’s requirements. The new facility located in Gumi, South Korea will need Apple’s approval before commencing production. This process usually lasts a year. This means that once production starts, the new OIS actuators for the iPhone models will be ready by 2023.

South Korean Firm to Produce OIS Actuators of Periscope Camera System

For the unfamiliar, these actuators combine OIS and autofocus functions to form a single component for the camera system. This component will be employed on the periscope telephoto lens of the 2023 iPhones. If implemented, the periscope camera system will bring great improvement to the iPhone camera. In a periscope system, an angled mirror reflects the light that enters the telephoto lens.

That being said, it would be safe to say that the 2023 iPhone will surely get a new camera system. Although It is yet to be known whether this new camera system will trigger a price increase for 2023 iPhones.

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