Apple Partners With Microsoft on Patient Access to Health Data

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Apple and Microsoft are sending representatives to a meeting hosted by the Carin Alliance to support its effort to make access to health data easier for patients (via CNBC).

Patient Access

The Carin Alliance is hosting the meeting to support the Department of Health and Human Services, which proposed a rule change in 2019 to promote medical data interoperability. The groups are hopeful that it will be finalized in the near future.

Apple declined to comment on the meeting and Microsoft said in an email that it is “actively engaged with Carin to provide technical advice and guidance on data architectures and standards.”

Many health care systems still send patients their data by CD-ROM or fax. Apple is among those pushing for greater, easier access between patients and doctors. It launched Health Records with iOS 11.3 in 2018 in the Health app. It combines data from clinics, hospitals, and input that people enter into the app to give an overview of a person’s health information.

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