If an Apple Music subscription at US$120 a year is a little too expensive for you, try $99 instead. Apple is now offering the discounted subscription through a special gift card you can buy in the company’s retail stores.

Apple Music annual subscription gift card

Apple Music annual subscription gift card

The Apple Music gift card brings the monthly price down to $8.25 from $9.99, which is like getting two months out of the year for free. That’s not as sweet as the half-off deal students get, but it’s still better than paying full price.

Apple isn’t selling the cards through its website, so you’ll have to pay a visit to your local Apple store to pick one up. Walmart, BestBuy, and PayPal do, however, offer the cards through their websites.

Current Apple Music subscribers will have to buy the gift cards just like everyone else because there isn’t any option for the discounted pricing in the Music app on the iPhone and iPad, or in iTunes on Mac and Windows. Since Apple Music is a month-to-month service, using the $99 gift card shouldn’t be an issue for current subscribers.

Apple Music gift cards are brand new, so be sure to check with your local Apple retail store to make sure they’re in stock before swinging buy to pick one up.

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How about a deal for the Family Plan?