Apple One Gets Bundled as Free Incentive for Revamped U.K. Carrier’s “Full Works” for iPhone Plan

EE full works for iPhone plan

U.K. mobile carrier EE unveiled its newly revamped Full Works for iPhone plan for its customers. One of the phone plans being offered comes with Apple One, making the carrier the first mobile network to offer access to Apple’s subscription services bundle as part of a mobile package.

Apple One Bundle with ‘Full Works’ for iPhone Plan

In a press release, EE said theĀ U.K. exclusive Full Works for iPhone plan for iPhone offers customers access to the Apple Individual Plan. The plan will be available starting August 31, 2022. Once subscribed to the new phone plan, customers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • access to more than 90 million songs ad-free through Apple Music,
  • access to award-winning series, premium drama and comedy series, and more through Apple TV+,
  • access to Apple arcade with more than 200 premium games,
  • access to iCloud with 50GB of storage.

In addition, customers will receive a Roam Abroad Pass with their chosen plan. This will allow them to access their plan allowances in the EU, U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand. EE said customers can save up to 140 British pounds ($168) by availing themselves of the Full Works Plan for iPhone.

Other Carriers Should Follow EE’s Lead

Before the announcement, the carrier’s existing Full Works for iPhone plan already included Apple Music, Apple TV+, and Apple Arcade. The addition of iCloud storage completed the Apple One subscription service bundled with the EE mobile plan.

With EE taking the first step to offer Apple One as part of a mobile package, hopefully, other carriers globally will follow. This will not only give Apple an additional userbase for Apple One but also give customers easier access to Apple’s subscription services. It is much better to subscribe to Apple One, which bundles all of those Apple services, rather than subscribing individually on a standalone basis. Customers spend less money and receive unified billing for all services.

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