Apple Patent Hints at Future Wearables With Health Monitoring Capabilities, Apple Watch Who?

Apple’s Privacy First Rule Is Giving Developers a Hard Time Building Apps for Vision Pro

A recently discovered Apple patent reveals technology for future wearable devices that could monitor a user’s biometric data and location. This could provide personalized health insights and potentially lifesaving aid.

The patent, titled “Method and device for health monitoring,” describes a system that tracks biometric data and overlays suggestions or guidance within a mixed-reality (MR) system. Perhaps in the future iterations of Apple Vision Pro? However, the irony is that some Vision Pro users blame the headset for causing health issues. Hopefully, this being the first model of Vision Pro, a better, more sustainable design will come.

Like the Apple Watch’s ability to detect falls or cardiac events, this technology would use activity and location data and provide real-time health guidance. 

The patent also leads to potential applications in seizure and panic attack detection. By analyzing biometric data, the wearable might predict and warn users of oncoming seizures, similar to how guide dogs assist people with epilepsy. For users experiencing panic attacks, the device can guide them through calming exercises.

The ability to detect motion and environment is another capability envisioned in the patent. The wearable could analyze user movements and surroundings to offer real-time assistance. For instance, it might detect intoxication and recommend calling a cab to prevent driving under the influence.

While current MR technology focuses on productivity and entertainment applications, this patent suggests a future where MR wearables prioritize user health and well-being.

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