Apple Highlights Trade-Ins and Recycling Your Devices for Free in Pre-Earth Day Initiative

Apple Recycle Device

While Apple trade-ins aren’t renowned for being giving, they do make switching to new products quite easy. If you have an outdated electronic device that has too little value to be worth a trade-in, Apple will nevertheless take it and recycle it.

And now, Apple has placed a banner on its website ahead of Earth Day on April 22nd, reminding users that they may recycle old Apple devices “for free” through the company’s recycling partners. 

The banner on Apple’s homepage says, “Join us this Earth Day by recycling your Apple devices. Recycle for free.”

Apple typically celebrates the day itself in various ways, from promoting its own environmental credentials to making charitable donations.

In eligible countries, you can start the process by visiting Apple’s trade-in page and filling out a form to obtain a pre-paid shipping label for your devices.

Moreover, the company says: it will “ recycle your Apple devices, cables, cases, accessories, and other similar electronics for free.” By doing so, “You’ll help protect the earth’s precious resources and reduce waste as we work toward a better future for the planet,” says Apple. 

Relatedly, Apple announced today that its recycling robots can now retrieve recyclable elements from a total of 23 distinct iPhone models in a new “Recycling Robots” video posted on its UK YouTube channel.

Apple says: “Our custom recycling robot Daisy can disassemble 23 different iPhone models to recover crucial materials like gold and rare earth elements.”

Moreover, it also says “Robot Dave extracts tungsten from Taptic Engines, while robot Taz takes care of audio modules. Together, they’re leading the way in recovering recycled materials for the next generation of products.”

It is probable that Apple will make further Earth Day announcements in the next few days and release its 2024 Environmental Progress Report shortly.

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