Select iPhones, Apple Watches Have Slightly Higher Trade-in Values at Apple Now


If you’re considering getting a new iPhone or Apple Watch and you already own one that you’d like to trade-in, we have some good news. Apple has just updated the values for some of its iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches when you trade-in through the Apple Store. Some iPhones now hold more value, as do some Apple Watches.

The biggest trade-in change comes for the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the iPhone SE 2. Though it’s only a $20 difference, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is now worth $650 at Apple, compared to its old value of $630. iPhone SE 2, meanwhile, jumps up to a $90 trade-in value over the old $70. MacRumors first spotted this change, and considering that the iPhone 14 Pro Max is only about a year old, that new value isn’t too bad.

With the Apple Watch Series 4, meanwhile, the trade-in value has jumped $10 from $60 to $70. And if you’re coming from an original Apple Watch SE, you’ll now get $95 for the watch instead of the old $90. These smartwatches are now showing their age, and the bump in value is pretty plausible.

At the same time, however, values for some other Apple products have gone down. The iPad is now down from $260 to $250, the Apple Watch Ultra dropped from $390 to $365, and the Apple Watch Series 7 dropped from $155 to $145.

It’s not uncommon for trade-in values to fluctuate at the Apple Store as time goes on as some older Macs had their value bumped when the M3 MacBook Air was launched this week. Full details on the trade-in process are available through Apple, but it’s usually as simple as selecting the device, mailing it in, or taking it to an Apple Store near you for credit toward your purchase. You can even trade in an Android phone, should you be making the switch to the Apple ecosystem for the first time.

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