Apple Pay Cash Transfers Now Work With Western Union App

Western Union announced Wednesday that customers can use Apple Pay on the Western Union app to send cash from your bank to another person. The company has had support for Apple Pay since 2015, but it could only be used in stores. Now, the Western Union app has support for Apple Pay cash transfers.

Western Union has Apple Pay cash transfers

Apple Pay Cash Transfers

Right now Apple Pay cash transfers are available only to customers in the United States. Later in the year it will expand to include the United Kingdom. From the U.S. you can send money to over 200 countries and territories. According to Western Union:

Today, 60 percent of all Western Union digital money transfer transactions globally are initiated via a mobile device…By bringing Apple Pay as a payment method in the US and later to the UK, Western Union is delivering an exceptional experience across our mobile platform, allowing our customers to conveniently and reliably move money, whenever they please.

You can download Western Union from the App Store and start transferring cash today.

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