Apple Photo Printing Service Has Been Discontinued

The Apple photo printing service has been discontinued. Previously this was a service in the Photos app on macOS. It was first launched in 2002 as part of iPhoto, and you could print photos, full albums, photo books, and calendars.

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Apple Photo Printing

It’s not going away immediately though, Apple says orders must be placed by September 30, 2018. Apple recommends that customers download a third-party app that supports Photos Projects, an API introduced in macOS High Sierra.

Image of Apple photo printing in the Photos app.

Services that support Photos Projects and can plug into the Photos app include:

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Old UNIX Guy

Hi Apple,

So you’ve taken my happiness with you for releasing new MacBook Pro’s and turned it into anger and frustration with you for taking away a service that I use on a regular basis. Yes, I can use one of the alternatives listed above but do you think that maybe there was a reason why I chose to use your service, even though it definitely wasn’t the cheapest?

Oh wait … print means no Animoji’s which means you aren’t interested, right?!?

Old UNIX Guy