Apple In the Process of Buying Music App Shazam

A deal between Apple and Shazam is in the works, with the former buying the latter very soon. TechCrunch says the deal will be officially announced on Monday. One source puts the price of the acquisition around US$401 million, although Shazam was once valued at US$1 billion dollars.


Shazam is already integrated into iOS, as you can use Siri to discover a song without needing to download the app. Shazam is built into other services too, like Snapchat. It sends a lot of traffic to music apps like Spotify and Apple Music.

Screenshots of music recognition app Shazam.

Once the deal pulls through, you can bet that Apple won’t direct people to Spotify anymore with the app, only Apple Music. It’s the latest volley in a battle between the music services.

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