Apple’s iconic rainbow logo may be making a comeback, but don’t expect to see it on any computers. The Mac and iPhone maker filed for a new trademark to use the logo on hats and other headgear.

Apple rainbow logo

Apple’s rainbow logo from 1977

Apple already sells t-shirts with the old logo, so this new trademark filing is a hint that hats and caps may be on the way. Alternately, it could be a move to keep people from making knock-off products.

The rainbow Apple logo was designed in 1977 when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were making the Apple II desktop computer. The company continued to use the logo for 20 years, then switched to the single-color version that’s still in use today.

Of course, Apple isn’t saying what plans it has for the retro rainbow logo. If anything new does show up it’ll probably be at the Apple Park Campus visitor center.

[Thanks to The Blast for the heads up]

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Still got a couple of the Rainbow Logo decals…


I wonder if they would have been able to get a trademark if the colors were in the correct order? In nature, the order is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.


I don’t think I ever put a decal of the white Apple logo in my car, or office window, or anywhere. Did that many times with the rainbow one.

I wish they would bring back the colour logo for MacBooks so we can see all those logos lit up at press events and on tv again.