Apple Registers Various ‘Apple One’ Domains

Logos for Apple Services News+, Music TV+, and Arcade

Apple has registered a variety of domain names based on the phrase ‘Apple One’, Macrumors spotted. They were registered on Friday, according to the Whois records. It all adds to the assumption that a services bundle with that name will be announced at Tuesday’s ‘Time Flies’ event.

Domains Ready for Expected Apple One Launch

While most of the contact information remains private, the Whois records confirm the domains are registered by Apple in California.

Apple One domain Whois record

While the company was apble to register various less common domains such as .blog, .audio, and .website, it was unable to obtain more popular ones like .com. is registered to a staffing company in California. It is not clear who owns the .net version. Various tiers of the bundle, bringing together different services, are expected to be launched.

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