Apple Releases visionOS 1.1.1 With Bug Fixes For the Vision Pro Headset

Vision Pro visionOS 1.1.1

Apple released a new version of visionOS for all owners of Apple Vision Pro devices, which is now downloadable. The headset will receive “important bug fixes and security updates” with visionOS 1.1.1. Apple recommends upgrading to the latest software for all users.

Unfortunately, this software upgrade is more of a polish than a revolutionary new feature. Despite the modest upgrades, Apple advises all customers to install them. Consider it similar to iOS upgrades on top-tier iPhone models. 

Furthermore, given how recent the Vision Pro is, it’s crucial to remember that Apple is currently working to address a few visionOS problems to provide a more seamless experience.

This update comes two weeks after the release of visionOS 1.1. With this update, users noticed more significant improvements to the headsets than the current release. 

Despite offering a smoother and more delightful experience, visionOS 1.1.1 is not a bug-free OS version. You will nevertheless occasionally run into problems. 

To update the visionOS on your Apple Vision Pro to the most recent version, launch the Settings app, navigate to General > Software Update > and visionOS 1.1.1 will be ready for you. If you are having difficulty updating your device, check out our guide on how to install VisionOS 1.1.1 on your Apple Vision Pro.

You will need to remove the headset in order to perform the update. However, the device will show a progress meter on the EyeSight display so you can continue to monitor things while you wait for it to install. While the visionOS 1.1.1 is the latest update available for the Vision Pro and only comes with some bug fixes, we anticipate seeing even more significant ones before the end of 2024. Apple could release the next major update for the Vision Pro, visionOS 2, at WWDC 2024 in the summer.


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