Apple Store in New Delhi: India’s Second Apple Store Opens in Saket

Apple Store Saket display tables with oakwood decor

Earlier this week, Apple pulled the wraps from its first Apple Store in India. The BKC Mumbai Apple Store marked a new chapter in the Cupertino company’s India journey. As expected, folks from Mumbai and nearby places flocked to the store to buy and experience Apple products. On April 20, Apple opened Apple Saket, a store based out of Saket in New Delhi.

Apple Store Saket Salient Features

Apple Stores embody a clean and minimalistic design philosophy, and Apple Saket is no different. Customers are greeted with rounded white oak tables and more than 70 staff who speak more than 15 languages. India has more than 22 major languages. Multilingualism should help people from other states who reside in Delhi.

Apple customers can order online and collect their orders from a dedicated Apple Pickup station. The store is powered by 100% renewable energy and is carbon neutral. Apple Saket tends to customers’ hardware and software needs. Furthermore, customers can book an appointment with genius bar and seek help from an expert.

Apple Experience at Its Finest

Apple Stores are more than just points of retail. They let customers experience Apple devices without any restrictions. Unlike other points of sales, Apple Stores offer multiple display units of all products.

A Today at Apple Session is a splendid way for creators to explore their devices. Anyone can register for a free Apple session at Apple Saket. The roundtable configuration is expected to offer a personalized experience. Apple Creatives will help professionals such as musicians, artists, and others make the most of their devices. The programming includes Art Lab for Kids, Getting Started with iPhone, Personalising Your Apple Watch, and more. Lastly, you can tune in to the Apple Music Saket playlist and download Apple Saket wallpapers.

Why Is Apple Store in India a Landmark Event?

It is easy to dismiss the Apple Store opening as a mere marketing exercise by a tech giant. A deep dive tells Apple Store in India is not just about Apple. It signifies India’s rising high-income households.

Apple made its foray into the Indian market 25 years ago. The company has been trying to open exclusive retail stores in India for some time. However, the regulatory hindrance became an obstacle.

So far, Apple has been selling its products in India via retail partners such as Imagine and e-commerce giants including Amazon and Flipkart. In 2020 the company opened an online store. Apple has a lot of things going on in India. Bloomberg report says 7 percent of iPhones are now manufactured at Wistron and Foxconn plants situated in India. A significant chunk of iOS developers are from India.

According to Canalys, India is the world’s second-largest smartphone market. However, Apple’s market share languishes at a measly 3 percent. Meanwhile, the Bloomberg report says that iPhone sales in India have increased by 50% over the past year. Apple expects the retail push to further accelerate its sales in India.

Apple Store Saket Location, Opening Hours, and Other Details

The Apple Saket opens on April 20 at 10:00 a.m. IST. It is located within the Select Citywalk Mall in Sector 6, Saket, New Delhi. The store is accepting reservations for Today at Apple sessions.

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