Apple Submits Patents For Gaming Controllers, Signals Potential for Gaming Device

Apple Game Controller patent

A new patent from Apple suggests that the company may be entering the gaming market.

The US Patent and Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple in regard to a variety of video game controller accessories capable of attaching themselves magnetically to an iPhone or other device. Said device is also capable of folding into a variety of different positions.

Apple Enters the Gaming World

Filed as application number 2022009623, this news comes after a recent leak from Korean website Clien. A leaker recently posted that Apple may be talking with video game companies. This could mean that Apple is positioning itself to enter the gaming market. Similar to an iPad with a keyboard attachment, Apple’s patent appears to be an accessory that can add multiple functionalities to an iPhone or other electronic device.

While this device seems unique to Apple, the gaming patent takes some cues from a Nintendo Switch. With the Switch, users are able to either use the device with the controllers connected directly to the screen, or remove the controllers for an entirely different gaming experience. The latest patent by Apple seems to be doing something similar, with its patent using a series of magnets to attach itself to the main console.

What is interesting about Apple’s latest patents is that the series of images presenting the new concepts suggest that the accessories can attach to an an iPhone or similar iOS device. Whether or not this means Apple is planning to develop an entirely new system is not clear. Many of the images suggest that the accessories attach directly to an iPhone. This supports the idea that Apple may be planning for a multitude of different gaming ideas.

The images submitted to the government agency show a variety of different ways the controller might connect to the screen. Additionally, the screen also seems to have a base that would allow the screen to switch from portrait to landscape. The patent also suggests that the device could have the screen and controllers separate from the base. This would require the batteries and magnets for each module.

Why Gaming Makes Sense

With its latest patent, there is a host of reasons for Apple to enter itself into the gaming market. Vintage console continue to rise in price, and the current trends continue to show that the market is only increasing. In recent years, video games have become accepted as a legitimate sport. This is another reason entering the video game market would be a big move for Apple.

While it still may be early to confirm Apple is making a console, it seems big news may be on the horizon.

5 thoughts on “Apple Submits Patents For Gaming Controllers, Signals Potential for Gaming Device

  • when will apple news sites realize that patents don’t signal anything other than they’ve had someone working on something in the regard. doesn’t confirm something will or will not be released

  • Apple remains a very poor choice for games, and it seems like their own fault. They will need a major cultural change to compete.
    The games on Apple Arcade all have a very sterile “pasty” look to them with no textures. And the subjects all have a “schoolteacher approved” vibe that comes across as dull and uninvolving. And for the games outside Arcade, everything that looks visually interesting is pay-to-win. Games are also wildly more expensive on the Apple store then the equivalent on Steam. Civ 6 is sold in pieces and costs something like $160 for what costs just $60 on Steam. Apple is too uptight to succeed in gaming.

      1. How did you do this? I hope by “Full Civ 6” you don’t mean just the base set.

        I’m looking at it right now, and it is $59.99, just for the base set, with another $70 for Rise and Fall, and Gathering Storm, and $51 more for other extras. $181 total. On steam right now it is $84 for all of it. What I bought for $60 has everything but the four leaders that weren’t out yet, and the Vikings pack.

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