Apple Tap to Pay on iPhone Service Now Being Tested at Apple Park Visitor Center

Apple Tap to Pay on iPhone

Apple started testing contactless payments using the iPhone at one of its retail stores. Tap to Pay on iPhone, which gained a second partner last month, allows Apple Stores contactless payment transactions straight from the iPhone without an external card reader.

Paving the Way for Contactless Payment

We first heard about Apple’s Tap to Pay on iPhone feature in February. Back then, payment platform Stripe began beta testing the feature. Afterwards, we did not hear anything more about it. Then, in April, the Tap to Pay on iPhone feature gained a second partner through the financial services firm Adyen.

When the Tap to Pay on iPhone feature goes live, it will allow Apple stores to conduct contactless payments with the iPhone serving as POS. Currently, merchants that employ the iPhone for contactless payment used additional hardware, such as the Square reader. This won’t be necessary once Apple rolls out Tap to Pay on iPhone feature.

Apple Testing Tap to Pay on iPhone

Unsurprisingly, Apple seems to be testing the feature in one of its retail locations. In a tweeted video, a customer showed Apple testing the Tap to Pay on iPhone feature at the Apple Park Visitor Center. The video showed that the transaction was done by simply putting the iPhone terminal next to a customer’s iPhone.

When Apple rolls out the feature in the U.S., it will allow merchants to transact wirelessly with customers using Apple Pay without any additional hardware. Eventually, the feature will be able to use credit and debit cards and other digital wallets beyond Apple Pay. Tap to Pay on iPhone will only require an NFC-equipped iPhone to process the payment. Merchants will be able to accept contactless payment through supported iOS apps. The feature will run even on old iPhones, such as the iPhone XS.

Tap to Pay Feature Gains Two Partners to Date

With the two financial firms supporting the feature, Apple should start rolling it out so as to attract other payment systems. Unfortunately, Apple has not provided a definite date for the full release of Tap to Pay on iPhone. Still, with the current testing that’s being done, we won’t be surprised if Apple launches this during the next important Apple event this year.

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