Tap to Pay on iPhone Feature Gains Second Partner

Tap to Pay on iPhone

The new Tap to Pay feature Apple announced early in 2022 has yet to launch. However, a second finance partner has signed on to support the service. Financial services firm Adyen announced on Thursday upcoming support for using the iPhone as a payment terminal.

First Stripe, Next Adyen Offer Tap to Pay Support

When Apple first announced the feature, payment platform Stripe began a closed beta to test it. That’s really the last we heard of the feature until now.

Using the upcoming Tap to Pay service, small and medium businesses can accept credit or debit card payments directly on an iPhone, without the need for attached or wireless payment terminals. All a customer needs to do is tap their card or smartphone with an NFC digital wallet in the iPhone. The handset does the rest, privately and securely and without any external hardware.

On Thursday, global financial technology provider Adyen announced it would bring support for the contactless payment method to its U.S. customers by the end of 2022. Adyen is adding Tap to Pay to its own payment systems for a launch inn2022. At the same time, the company is bringing other enterprise and commerce firms on board. So far, the company has been collaborating with Lightspeed Commerce and NewStore to roll the feature out to even more businesses.

Johna Georgiou, generał manager of payments and financial services at Lightspeed, is eager to roll out the service.

Lightspeed is known for providing the latest technology to our merchants so they have the most impactful tools to run their business. Partnering with Adyen to provide Tap to Pay on iPhone is a huge win for our U.S. customers. This feature gives merchants even more checkout options to provide amazing customer experiences.

Which Devices Support Tap to Pay?

When the feature goes live, it won’t just be Apple’s most recent handsets available for use with Tap to Pay. In fact, an iPhone XS or later is all you’ll need. Businesses will be able to accept contactless payments including Apple Pay, compatible credit or debit cards, or even other digital wallets.

Adyen calls Apple’s Tap to Pay “the ideal mobile payment solution for business customers who like to be at the forefront of innovation.” It offers a more flexible checkout experience whether in a brick-and-mortar location or on the go.

When Will the Feature Go Live for All?

Neither Apple nor Adyen have provided an exact release date for Tap to Pay. However, Adyen’s statement suggests availability for U.S. customers before the end of 2022. Stripe’s closed beta registration page suggests the company will roll the feature out in spring 2022 for its U.S. customers.

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