Apple Will Have To Tell Users How Long Smart Devices Will Receive Security Updates for Under New UK Law

Apple security updates iPhone resting on table.

LONDON – Smart device manufacturers including Apple and Google will be compelled to tell users how long their products will receive crucial security updates for under new legislation proposed by the UK Government. The idea is to better protect users against cyber attacks, and follows huge growth of smart device sales during the COVID-19 pandemic.

UK Government Introducing Law to Make Apple and Others Tell Users How Long Smart Devices Will Receive Security Updates For

The legislation says customers must be informed at the point of sale how long a smart device will receive security software updates for. Furthermore, manufacturers will be banned from using universal default passwords (things like ‘password’ or ‘admin’,) and they will also have make it easier for anyone to report a vulnerability by providing a public point of contact.

Commenting, Digital Infrastructure Minister Matt Warman Matt Warman MP, said:

Our phones and smart devices can be a gold mine for hackers looking to steal data, yet a great number still run older software with holes in their security systems. We are changing the law to ensure shoppers know how long products are supported with vital security updates before they buy and are making devices harder to break into by banning easily guessable default passwords. The reforms, backed by tech associations around the world, will torpedo the efforts of online criminals and boost our mission to build back safer from the pandemic.

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So thenApple, Google, and other companies will promise the shortest possible time to cover their A**. Right now Apple products are getting updates for far longer than most of us expect. This could put an end to that. This is a classic example of the Legislative Law of Unintended consequences.