Apple to Face Shareholder Backlash Over Human Rights Policies

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Apple shareholders are preparing to criticise the firm for removing a mapping app during the Hong Kong protests. A non-binding resolution that will be on the agenda at next year’s AGM asked the company to describe its response to the government there. It also inquires about other demands made of the firm that may have limited free expression (via¬†Financial Times).

Apple Asked to Commit to Freedom of Expression

Apple tried, unsuccessfully, to get the proposal taking off the agenda for its annual general meeting.  Consequently, the firm will be asked to publically commit to freedom of expression. Consumer advocacy group SumOfUS argued that the iPhone maker had helped lead to punishment for Hong Kongers, Tibetans, and Uighur Muslims. The organization said:

[Apple] has acquiesced to government demands that have limited individual freedom of expression.

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