Apple TV App Beats Apple TV+ in American Customer Satisfaction Index

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The TV app was ranked third in the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) telecommunications report. It beat off Apple TV+, which was in 12th place.

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Apple TV+ Ok. Apple TV Better.

Disney+ topped the list of streaming services, boasting a score of 80 on its first year of conclusion. It was followed by Netflix on 78. The app-formerly-known-as-iTunes was up one with a satisfaction rating of 77, the same as Hulu. The streaming service was in 12th with a rating of 74. That is below the average score of 75 and on the same level as Google Play and HBO. ASCI managing director David VanAmburg, Managing Director commented:

There’s nothing particularly ‘plus’ about Apple TV+.

Of the other notable competitors to Apple’s services, Showtime was near the bottom of the pile on 71, Amazon Prime Video, meanwhile, had an above average score of 76.

ASCI Video Streaming Service 2019/20
(Via ASCI)

I can’t help but feel that the inclusion of both the app and streaming service in the list rather highlights the issues surrounding Apple’s naming system that exist.

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