Apple TV+ to 100 Million Paid Subs by 2025, Analyst Predicts

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is estimated to hit 100 million paying subscribers by 2025, according to a note to investors by a top JP Morgan analyst (via AppleInsider). That’s despite the fact that Samik Chatterjee currently considers both the current content and rate of adoption “largely lackluster.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Apple TV+
Apple CEO Tim Cook and Apple TV+

JP Morgan Backs Apple TV+ to Grow

Mr. Chartterjee believes that most of the people currently subscribed to Apple TV+ are using free offers, such as a year free with a new device. However, only somewhere in the region of 5 – 15 percent of those eligible are thought to be taking advantage of this offer. Despite this, the analyst said that the streaming service is working to differentiate itself from its rivals by “vying for exceptional talent to enable award-winning content.”

While adoption of Apple TV+ has had a slow start to-date, we believe investors should not be writing off the long-term prospects just yet, as we see the confluence of improving quality, quantity and budget as drivers of increased adoption going forward.

Mr. Chatterjee expects a “healthy percentage” of renewals as free trials start to end in November. He also noted the growing volume of content available on Apple TV+.

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