Apple Vision Pro 2 Is Not Launching Until 2026/2027

Apple Vision Pro

Apple recently took the wraps off its first AR/VR headset, the Vision Pro. It comes at a whopping $3,500 for the base variant. Despite its recent release, rumors have begun to swirl.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple Vision Pro 2’s launch is likely still a considerable distance away. In his Power On newsletter, he mentions that Apple’s next mixed-reality headsets are “at least 18 months” away.

So, When Exactly Is Apple Vision Pro 2 Launching?

It’s too early to tell a date. But Mark Gurman believes that the Apple Vision Pro 2 will launch in the second half of 2026.

Another Apple expert, Ming-Chi Kuo, mentioned the possibility of Apple releasing the second version of the Vision Pro headset in 2027. There are also rumors of Apple introducing an “affordable” version of the Vision headset, possibly around next year.

Notably, Apple plans to roll out the Vision Pro to more markets in the coming months, with the United Kingdom and Canada as two of the first international markets.

There’s Room for Improvement

The current Apple Vision Pro has received praise for its groundbreaking technology but has also faced criticism for issues such as weight, eye strain, and a narrow field of view. Several tech leaders shared their two cents on the Vision Pro.

Some, like OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman, believe that it’s the most impressive technology since the first iPhone. While Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg, whose company is a direct rival to Apple in the AR/VR segment, believes that Meta Quest 3 isn’t just a better value but also a superior product.

However, Tesla owner Elon Musk offered a balanced perspective. He believes that there’s room for improvement, “iPhone 1 wasn’t great either.” He adds, “But by iPhone 3 it was unequivocally the best smartphone.”

Amid these varying opinions, Gurman suggests that the product is still a “work in progress” indicating that Apple is diligently working to refine the user experience, iron out any dents, and deliver an even more polished product in the future.

Besides all that, Apple Vision Pro continues to sell like hotcakes. The sales reports suggest that Apple has managed to sell nearly 200,000 units until now.

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