Apple Vision Pro’s Purported Rival ‘Valve Prism’ is Fake

Valve Prism VR

In a well-timed blizzard prank, a website decided to launch a VR headset, claiming it’s from Valve. Days after Apple released its shiny $3,499 AR/VR headset, the Vision Pro, a counterfeit website, is now showcasing Valve Prism VR. 

The site looks convincing at first glance, as the page design, fonts, and many other aspects are detailed to look like the store page of Steam Deck, making many believe that it’s indeed Valve production. 

However, when you scroll down to the bottom of the page and check the copyright disclaimer, Valve is spelled VaIve with a capital “i” instead of a lowercase “L”. Moreover, the prank site, created on February 14, is registered through Cloudflare.

Another key detail that reveals it’s a hoax is in the product description, where the brief is a sloppy rewrite of the Steam Deck OLED description. In fact, the brief of Valve Prism VR ironically says: “Everything we learned from building Steam Deck is on full display in Prism.”

In terms of specifications, the page mentions that the headset has a mico-OLED display with pancake lenses, draws power from AMD Zen 4 + RDNA 3 architecture, and packs 32GB RAM. The device has two models: the 512GB variant priced at $1,299 and a 1TB unit priced at $1,499. Lastly, the site also says the headset offers “50-point lips, jaw, teeth, and tongue tracking.”

If this pseudo headset seems a bit familiar to you, that is because the display is pretty much identical to the Vision Pro and the body looks the same as the Valve Index VR. Since its release, the Vision Pro has set the sales chart on fire. Sensing an opportunity here, someone created a clever fake page. 

In response to this prank, Valve has officially confirmed the website and Valve Prism are fake.


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