[Update] Apple Watch Owners: Get Ready for a Veterans Day Activity Challenge

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Image of the Apple Watch Veterans Day activity challenge badge.Originally published November 6, 2017.

As it has with other special occasions, Apple is holding a Veterans Day activity challenge for Apple Watch users today. The challenge will only be available for customers in the United States though. But if you live in a different country, you might be able to trick the system by changing your region in settings.

Veterans Day Activity Challenge

People who complete the challenge will be awarded with an activity badge and an iMessage sticker. To earn the badge, you have to complete an 11 minute workout (minimum) on Veterans Day. You can do this with Apple’s Workout app, or a third-party app that records workouts to HealthKit.


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  1. Hagen

    I assume that a workout of longer than 11 minutes will be ok, since my November challenge wants workouts of at least 15 minutes. I’ll be very cross if this requires EXACTLY 11 minutes.

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