Apple Will Reportedly Announce New Macs with October 27th Event

The Apple Crystal Ball

The Apple Crystal Ball Apple will finally announce new Macs on October 27th, according to Re/code. Unnamed sources said the company will hold a media event in Cupertino. It’s not yet known which Macs will be refreshed.

Mac fans have grown increasingly frustrated with Apple’s seeming lack of interest in the Mac product line. MacRumors’ popular Buyer’s Guide has a “Don’t Buy” rating on every Mac except the MacBook, which is rated a Neutral because it’s merely 13 months old. As shocking as it may be, the rest of the Mac line is even older.

In the meanwhile, Apple hasn’t yet sent out invitations for the event—Re/code’s piece is based on sources. If said sources are accurate, invites should hit in the next few days. Here’s hoping Apple delights us!

4 thoughts on “Apple Will Reportedly Announce New Macs with October 27th Event

  • I wonder how this could be possible being that their normally would have been some leaks from the supply chain. A fuzzy photo, etc. The only real secret that I had nothing in advance was the Mac Pro unveiling in 2013. Call me a skeptic at this time, and I am hoping I am wrong

  • If the MacPro is toast, I hope there there is an iMac Pro of some sort. I’m overdue for a new computer and I’ve been waiting. I need workstation-ish power and I don’t want to have to go to Windows.

  • Agreed. Here’s what I am thinking they could do.
    New MacBook Pro
    New Top End “Pro” iMac
    MacBook Air 13″: Price Drop
    MacBook Air 11″: Toast
    MacPro Toast
    MacMini: Toast

  • If it’s true, I predict it’ll be portables and maybe the iMac. Though I have no inside scoop, I think the other models are dead. the iMac 5k was good enough for a lot of folks, I guess I don’t see them expanding beyond that. We shall see!

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