Apple Wins Bidding War for Ryan Reynolds And Will Ferrell’s ‘A Christmas Carol’

Finding Apple in a Pile of Money

Apple has seen off rivals to win a bidding war for a live-action musical version of A Christmas Carol. The film will star and be produced by Ryan Reyolds and Will Ferell.

Finding Apple in a Pile of Money

Apple’s Bid ‘Blew Everyone Out of The Water’

It is understood that Apple beat off the likes of Netflix Warner Bros. and Paramount to secure the film. Negotiations with Netflix, in particular, were thought to be at an advanced stage. It was not confirmed at the time of this writing how much Apple had paid. However, one source told Variety that the company’s bid “blew everyone out of the water.”  Mr. Ferrell and Mr. Reynolds are thought to be earning a combined total of around $60 million. Interestingly, while the filmmakers asked to keep the rights to any original music in the film it is understood Apple succeeded in keeping those writes. 

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