Jennifer Aniston: Apple About ‘Quality Not Quantity’

the morning show trailer

The Morning Show will be one of the main attractions when Apple TV+ launches next month. One of the show’s stars, Jennifer Aniston, has revealed how excited she is to be at Apple. She also explained how the #MeToo movement, and the downfall of broadcaster Matt Lauer, influenced the show.

the morning show trailer

Jennifer Aniston Excited About Being at Apple

Firstly,  Ms. Aniston seems pretty excited to be at Apple. She told Variety:

There was really something exciting about being the first at Apple. Apple is pretty awesome. They make cool stuff. Why wouldn’t they maybe make cool television? And they are all about quality, not quantity, so that was really appealing. And in spite of their comical secrecy, it’s been worth it. Who doesn’t want to be part of the Wild Wild West?

On Feeling Let Down By Matt Lauer and Rewriting the Show After #MeToo

Ms. Aniston insisted that The Morning Show is fiction. That is despite Steve Carell’s character’s story resembling that of Mr. Lauer. Ms. Aniston said she “was so devastated” when she heard about his behavior.

It’s such a strange thing; it felt oddly like my dad did something terrible. I trusted him and had been interviewed by him. He was there for so many moments in my life. And when ‘Friends’ was ending, it was Katie [Couric] and Matt interviewing us.

In the interview, Ms. Aniston said that “we had to start from scratch” when the #MeToo movement rose to national prominence. The show had though already been picked up by Apple before that.

The former Friends star said that she spent a lot of time working with TV journalists to prepare for her role in the series. She said it was shot like “a series of movies out of order and the most dense material.”

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