iCloud Drive Folder Sharing Delayed Until Spring 2020

At WWDC 2019 Apple announced a feature that would arrive with iOS 13 and macOS Catalina: iCloud Drive folder sharing. But now Apple has quietly delayed the feature until spring 2020 (via Cult of Mac).

iCloud Drive Folder Sharing

Due to unknown problems during beta testing iCloud Drive folder sharing has been delayed. Apple’s webpage for macOS Catalina features lists it as “coming this spring.”

iCloud Drive folder sharing*

You can now share folders with a private link. Anyone who has access can see the folder in iCloud Drive, add new files, and get the latest versions of files.

Another delay: Communication Limits for Screen Time.

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One thought on “iCloud Drive Folder Sharing Delayed Until Spring 2020

  • Apple just doesn’t get file syncing. Time and time again, Apple goes out of its way to prove that it just doesn’t get file syncing or why Dropbox is even-now still preferred by Apple owners to iCloud.

    I don’t doubt iCloud File Sharing is taking longer than anticipated. If your inherent model is wrong, you just won’t be able to fix it.

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