Devoted Health is First Private Medicare Plan to Cover Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 5 video

Devoted Health is a startup health insurer for seniors with private Medicare plans. And it recently started offering the Apple Watch as a fitness benefit (via CNBC).

Devoted Health

Founded by brothers Todd and Ed Park, the company is trying to stand out in the market of Medicare Advantage plans by embracing technology. It offers up to US$150 off the cost of an Apple Watch for its members. Some other health insurers also include Apple Watch in their plans, but Devoted Health says it’s the first Medicare plan to do so.

Devoted Health spokesman Kenneth Baer:

We are pleased that CMS agrees that there is a wide variety of ways that older Americans can keep healthy, including fitness and nutrition classes, and activity monitoring devices such as the Apple Watch. We are thrilled to be the first Medicare Advantage plan to collaborate with Apple, and give our members the chance to use their Devoted Health Wellness bucks towards purchasing an Apple Watch. Using innovative technologies to improve the quality of care is core to our mission.

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