Backblaze Launches Cloud Backup 7.0

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Cloud storage company Backblaze is launching Cloud Backup 7.0 today. It gives customers the ability to keep updated, changed, and deleted files in their backups forever by extending version history.

Cloud Backup 7.0

In the past Backblaze kept 30 days of version history for backed up files, but Cloud Backup 7.0 extends this to forever. This new feature is available for an additional US$2/month, plus US$0.005/GB/month for versions modified on your computer over a year ago.

Additionally Backblaze updated its app for the Mac, and it supports macOS Catalina. You’ll notice that Backblaze asks for a lot of new permissions on Catalina, and this is because Apple requires apps to ask for permission more frequently.

To update the app to Cloud Backup 7.0, right-click on the Backblaze icon in the menu bar, click Check for Updates, and follow the on-screen instructions. Or. Download it from

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