Apple Won 63 Patents, Including For a Repositionable Control Accessory

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Apple won 63 patents on Tuesday. Perhaps the most interesting was for a new repositionable control that could be used with iPads, Macs, and other devices (via Patently Apple).

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New Apple Patents Indicate Focus on Product

There is a lot to take in with the patent. It looks like the repositionable control device could be used to do things like adjusting the volume of media being player or change the temperature of a thermostat. The knob is repositionable, so it can be removed and attached to displays and other devices. In theory, therefore, it could be used on an iPad, Mac, or cars. The patent also suggests it could take other forms such as having a sliding control and buttons. Furthermore, input-output devices might involve sensors monitoring things such as ambient light, proximity, force, and touch.

[Apple Patent Shows Folding Device With TouchBar]

Apple filed for the patent in the second quarter of 2017. As ever with patents, we have to adopt a “wait and see” approach. This really could be used in any number of devices, but it’s certainly interesting.

One thought on “Apple Won 63 Patents, Including For a Repositionable Control Accessory

  • I believe the correct term is “granted” not “won” for Patents. Seems like most tech reporters use “won” as if it’s a sporting event or competition. Patents are in most cases granted in the name of the company and engineer who is either self employed or as an employee of the company for unique designs or processes.
    The legal system is what taints the patent process with battles in court over infringement and patent trolls who obtain corporate intellectual property and try to game the system with phony legal battles over patent infringement.

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