How to Look Up Your Apple Warranty Status

Apple Warranty

There’s an easy way to look up your Apple warranty status for any product you own. And then proceed if you need assistance.

Apple Warranty

Apple’s Limited Warranty

First, if you’re curious or have specific questions about your warranty, go to Apple’s Hardware Warranties page.¬†There, you can read the warranty for specific products, by country, read about legal rights for consumers, get information about discontinued products and more.

Look Up Your Apple Warranty Status

The easiest way to look up the warranty status is to use the Apple Support app. (icon shown above.) Assuming you are logged in with your Apple ID, you can view a list of all products registered in your name. (You could also log in into your Apple ID in a browser.)

In this (app) example, I’ve selected my Apple Watch. The list of topics is designed to walk you through many common support issues.

Apple Support app

Tap on “Device details” to see the warranty status. In this case, the one year warranty has expired, but I’m still under AppleCare+ for a few months.

Apple Warranty Status

Finally, if you need warranty service or need tech support (under coverage), you can get immediate phone, email or chat support. Most users, including myself, rave about the high quality of this in-person support.

You can also walk through the “Repairs & Physical Damage” entry in the Support app (see the first screenshot above) and arrive at options to either call to arrange a repair or make a reservation at a local Apple retail store.

The Apple Support app is amazing, ad it’s worth the time to explore it.

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