Apple Sends Further Zoom Update, As More Flawed Apps Uncovered

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Apple released a silent update to Macs Wednesday in order to patch apps affected by the Zoom security flaw. It emerged that 11 apps are affected by the vulnerability (via Buzzfeed News).

New Zoom Update Issued

The silent or hidden update is the second released by Apple in order to deal with the Zoom webcam issue. Users did not need to do anything to get the latest update. Security researcher Karan Lyons tweeted that the update covers 11 different apps.

More Apps Affected

Mr. Lyons published a paper that detailed how the vulnerability affected a Ring Central, Chinese app Zhulu and other white-labeled versions of zoom. RingCentral released an update of its Mac OS app to patch the flaw.

The original zero day¬†exploit allowed a website to force you to join a call. It also installed a localhost web server on your Mac. This is how Zoom works, but it allowed the video hosting software to be reinstalled without a user’s permission.

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