AppleCare+ for iMac Pro Costs $169

iMac Pro AppleCare+

If you’re buying a new iMac Pro and want to extend its warranty coverage beyond one year you’ll need to buy AppleCare+. That’ll add US$169 to the price of your iMac, which is less than it costs for AppleCare+ on the iPhone X.

iMac Pro AppleCare+

AppleCare+ extends warranty coverage on your Apple device and reduces the cost of some repairs. If you have a Mac laptop and the display fails, for example, AppleCare+ more than pays for itself.

For the iMac Pro, AppleCare+ coverage will set you back $169. In comparison, you’ll pay $129 for an iPhone 8, $149 for an iPhone 8 Plus, and $199 for an iPhone X. For a 15-inch MacBook Pro you’ll pay a whopping $379—more than double the cost of AppleCare+ for the iMac Pro.

Even though you may be paying a lot more for your iMac Pro than your iPhone X, at least you get a little bit of a break on the cost of AppleCare+.

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That’s because the regular iMac AppleCare Plus is $169. Anyone who buys the iMac Pro should by AppleCare Plus for the extended 2 years coverage you get. Well worth it because I know if you ever need a hardware repair it is going to be very pricey. If you don’t, then don’t complain at the Genius Bar when you need to pay for that repair.


I think a lot of their pricing on these things has to do with portability. Even if it’s not dropped, moving a laptop around for 3 years causes more wear than an iMac sitting on a desktop in one place.
That said, I won’t be too surprised if they come out with a new plan just for the iMac Pro. Currently, it has it’s own “Buy Now” button, but when you click on it, it links to the same plan as the [regular] iMac.