Apple’s Latest Hearing Study Reveals Alarming Stats

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Apple’s latest Hearing Study has revealed some startling facts about tinnitus. The study details how people suffer from tinnitus and the fact that it is more common than perceived. Tinnitus is when the affected person suffers from ringing in the ears. It affects the person’s quality of life. The study conducted by the University of Michigan accessed more than 160,000 participants, and surprisingly, 15% experienced tinnitus daily. 

The numbers are as follows- 77.6% of participants experienced tinnitus at some point in their lives. However, the occurrence was very in frequent. Meanwhile, the rest of the 15% faced ringing ear issues daily. Furthermore, the study attempted to understand the age group at the highest risk. 

Rick Neitzel, University of Michigan School of Public Health’s professor of environmental health, says, “Tinnitus is something that can have a large impact on a person’s life.” He adds, “The trends that we’re learning through the Apple Hearing Study about people’s experience with tinnitus can help us better understand the groups most at risk, which can, in turn, help guide efforts to reduce the associated impacts.”

Interestingly, tinnitus is more prevalent in men since 2.7% more male participants experience it daily. That said, 4.8% more men said they never had it. Severe cases of tinnitus require active management. Nearly 28% of participants said they used noise machines, while 12.2% took the help of meditation. Lastly, older men were more likely to experience it than younger men. 

Apple’s health studies are instrumental in understanding sound levels and related lifestyle surveys. 


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