iPhone 16 Pro Could Get Under-Display Face ID Following Apple’s Supplier Switch

iphone 16 pro to get under screen face id

New rumors about the iPhone 16 Pro potentially featuring an under-display Face ID have surfaced. One of the hottest topics among iPhone users and enthusiasts may potentially get an interesting advancement.

In 2022, a respected display industry insider, Bob Ross, initially reported that the iPhone 16 Pro would feature an under-display Face ID sensor. However, Ross later withdrew those claims and presented a new roadmap that suggests the under-display Face ID will be pushed to the iPhone 17 in 2025.

Later on, when asked about the roadmap earlier this month, Ross claimed that the under-display Face ID will likely arrive in 2026.

It’s safe to say nobody knows Apple’s plans for sure, but iMore recently connected some dots that could revive the case for under-display Face ID to come with the iPhone 16 Pro later this year.

As first reported by The Telegraph, one of the UK’s largest microchip facilities, a 310,000 sq ft plant owned by US semiconductor company Coherent, is facing closure. The reported reason is that its largest customer, presumed to be Apple, has terminated its lucrative supply deal.

Coherent’s UK factory was Apple’s main supplier of the Face ID components. So, Apple’s decision to halt the supply suggests a potential change in Face ID technology for the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro.

We have yet to see whether that change is the long-awaited under-screen Face ID, or whether Apple has other plans for its biometrics technology.

As a reminder, the South Korean publication The Elec also reported earlier this year that the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro will come with Face ID components under the screen. However, we’re still yet to hear an official announcement.

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