Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage Opens for Chia Crypto Farming

Backblaze chia farming

Backblaze will now support storage for pooled Chia cryptocurrency plots in addition to the full plot storage it recently offered.

Backblaze + Chia

Chia’s long-awaited “pooling” functionality allows farmers to gather their plots, increasing their chance of winning challenges, the proceeds from which are then shared among pool members.

today shared that this solution extends to pooling. Success for chia farmers demand massive scale—Chia netspace already tops 30 exabytes of data—and this announcement provides for those farmers struggling with the Chia-driven drive shortage.

Backblaze shared the behind-the-scenes analysis supporting their decision not to farm Chia on their own platform, but reaffirming that B2 Cloud Storage is wide open to individuals or pools seeking to try their own hand at Chia.

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