Beware! Don’t Install This Fake LastPass App

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LastPass, a well-known password manager app, posted a warning on its official website, stating its users should be aware. The password manager, popular for its ease of use, says that there is a fake LastPass look-a-like app on Apple’s App Store. 

The LastPass rip-off managed to sneak past Apple’s review team and is available on the Apps Store. The app is called LassPass and has a suspiciously similar logo to LastPass. The app is likely created to steal credentials by fooling people into thinking it’s indeed LastPassand. 

The company also shared screenshots of the app showing distinct misspellings, suggesting the app is fraudulent and a fine attempt to scam people. The app page reveals that it’s developed by Parvati Patel and it’s designed for iPad. 

LastPass says that they are doing everything they can to make sure the app gets removed from the App Store. It seems like the company has indeed managed to take it out from the platform, as the clone is no longer available on the App Store. 

However, the app has likely been available on the platform for a while, and users who downloaded the app before it was removed are still in danger. In case you have intentionally or unintentionally downloaded this app, we suggest you uninstall it immediately to avoid any issues and change the passwords that you stored or entered on the clone app. 

The fact that an app of that nature made it into the public listings of the App Store is indeed troubling, and this kind of app may show up in the App Store if a developer is able to elude Apple’s or Google’s routine security audits.

If anything, it serves as further evidence of the need to thoroughly review any apps you download and install on your device.


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