Bill Gates Reveals Why he Was ‘so Jealous’ of Steve Jobs

Bill Gates Microsoft

Former Microsoft boss Bill Gates has again explained that, despite years of competition between his firm and Apple, he was a huge admirer of Steve Jobs. Indeed, speaking on the Armchair Expert podcast, he even admitted why he was “so jealous” of Mr. Jobs (via Cult of Mac).

Bill Gates: Steve Jobs a ‘Wizard’

Mr. Gates described the Apple co-founder as a “wizard” at motivating people. I was a minor wizard so I couldn’t fall under his spells,” he explained. “But I could see him casting the spells, and then I would look at people and see them mesmerized … I was so jealous.”

Elsewhere in the show, Mr. Gates said that “no one else” could have turned around Apple the way Mr. Jobs did when he returned in the latest 1990s. “I couldn’t have done that [and] I don’t know anyone who could have,” he said.

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